SHUPPERZ is a social network connecting shoppers from all over the world enabling them to interact, inspire, share and shop for one another. With our global community of shoppers, no product is beyond reach and anyone can shop smart - shop like a local.



As a shupper, you can create your own world of shopping and style insights. You can find your audience and followers and make money doing something you love. Think you have what it takes? Become a shupper!



As a shupper-store, you can enjoy unlimited exposure to your audience from all over the world. You will enjoy bringing people back to your stores and breaking the barrier between the offline and online world while introducing your brand to global shoppers. Want to try it out? Become a Shupper-Store!




Connect with our community of talented shoppers around the world and experience shopping like never before!


The Shupper will help you discover new products and brands, or buy for you what you know and love!


From a safe check-out to delivery to your home, with our global community of Shuppers- no product is beyond reach!!
"This is the ultimate shopping experience!
Secure, simple, fun, no queuing or heavy lifting!"



How do I browse, connect and buy?

SHUPPERZ is the social network for Shopping. it’s a fun space to hang out and stay constantly updated on trends and insights around the world.

Browse- Whether looking for something specific or just seeking inspiration it’s easy to browse Shuppers’ windows to search for your favorite items and Shuppers.

Connect- After you found what you were looking for or a shupper you like you can connect with your Shupper via SHUPPERZ chat.

Buy- once you have what you want and have finalized the details of your Payment request (see below), just press GET to finalize the purchase.

What is the payment request?

Once you know what you want and have connected with your Shupper, you are now ready to buy your items.

The Shupper will send you an Payment request for your final approval. The request contains all the customized details of your purchase, such as: Size, Color, Price, Shipping address, Additional fees etc.

Make sure you take the time to review it carefully to avoid any miscommunications. The acceptance form must be approved and sent back to the Shupper who is making the retail purchase as authorization of the sale and prior to executing the transaction.

What is the return policy?

All returns must be arranged between both parties.

We recommend you clearly inform the items’ return policy ahead of time.
Agreeing on a return and providing a good service from start to finish, shows you care about your users and can help build your reputation as a great Shupper.

Once you agreed on a return, make sure the other party includes the receipt and save the tracking number – this way you’ll always know where the item is and when it reaches its destination. The Shuppers’ fee and the shipment itself cannot be returned – only the payment on the item itself.

What costs are involved in making a purchase?

When making a purchase your Total Purchase Price shall be comprised of the following components:

1. Price of the Item as indicated in the receipt (i.e actual paid price after sale and promotion deductions if applicable)
2. Shipping Fee
3. Shuppers Commission

Example of a Total Purchase Price calculation:
Price of the Item: $80
Shuppers fee: $12
Shipment fee: $18
Total Purchase Price: $110

How is payment secured for all parties?

We work with PAYPAL to make sure the payment is secured for all parties.

Once you finalized the acceptance form and approved the purchase the funds will be transferred to the SHUPPERZ platform for safe keeping.

Your Shupper will buy and deliver the items to you (via shipping), once the package is received and the content is as ordered, the funds will be transferred to your Shupper’s account.

How do I recieve the item?

After accepting the purchase with your Shupper, you will receive the shipping details via SHUPPERZ platform. The invoice will be waiting for you inside the package itself. Then, once you receive your package, you will need to confirm that you have received exactly what you ordered to complete the transaction. If, for any reason – you are unsatisfied with your items, you can let the shupper know and use the return policy you agreed on. Remember – SHUPPERZ is always free to chat! For any reason.

How does shipping work?

SHUPPERZ use a currier called Team BLS that arranges pick-up and delivery to a dropping point near your house. Packages arrive to their destination within 21 working days. If you encounter a problem you can always contact us at

How are shuppers compensated?

After you decided to make a purchase, your Shupper shall be entitled to a fee around 15%. Remember you have a person on the other side and you can talk to him if you want different terms.

Is SHUPPERZ a free app?

Yes, Installing the app and exploring and/or uploading windows or wishes are always Free.