Shupperz is a mobile app that connects users with local personal shoppers (aka Shuppers).  Shuppers chat with users and get to know them, creating a totally new shopping experience that’s truly personal, convenient, and engaging, all with live stream technology that makes you feel like you are actually there but without the hassle of getting out of the house!

Shupperz enables the communication between users and Shuppers via chat messages, photos, videos, and live streams, takes care of financial transactions, and manages the shipping of merchandise at competitive prices.

A Shupper is a personal shopper who engages with the users (customers) through the Shupperz app. Our Shuppers are knowledgeable shoppers, providing our users with styling and beauty recommendations, shopping for them in the trendiest stores, and curating the best apparel, footwear, accessories, and beauty products.

Book a one-on-one personal shopping session- This is the ultimate shopping experience! You can schedule a personal shopping session with a Shupper for half an hour, one hour, or more, in your favorite stores!  To schedule your shopping session, write to the selected Shupper in the chat, choose a suitable time slot – and enjoy shopping like a pro!

A payment request is a form that a Shupper sends to the user through the Shupperz app, specifying the details of the purchase request made by the user.
It is sent once the user decides what they want to buy at the end of the session. The payment request includes the product description, the item’s price, fees (taxes, the booking fee, the shipping fee, the Shupperz fee and the tip (if the user wishes to give one)), and the return & refund policy.

The Payment Request form shows the total cost so you do not have any last-minute add-on expenses.
The Shupper will purchase only after the user reviews and approves the payment request.

The return cost is the cost of shipping. To return an item, please contact our support team and we will provide you with a return label. You may return the item at your own time, subject to the original seller’s return policy’s limits.

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